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Alpha and Omega

And here it is: the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega. It's the beginning of my series of exercises from Steven Aimone's book, Expressive Drawing, and the end of my time in this studio; I'm packing it up for good today, and the movers come on Tuesday. It's been a lovely time, but it seems a little fitting that the only paint I had left was this sort of blood-colored stuff. However much we adore where we're going, the moving process has been extremely challenging; I'm sincerely hoping we never have to go through this again! But what -- other than "the bloody mess your house and this country is in" does this painting have to tell me? ... Perhaps it's just that the chaos will be manageable as long as we stay grounded, and centered, not in this life, but in some version of faith. Or maybe that we are given only as much as we can bear? At any rate -- I am mentally, if not emotionally, confident that we'll get through this, and that t

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