Time's a-wasting...

... and here we have a fine example of why I don't do representational art (and why I don't consider myself a "real" artist!)

But once all those greens were on the paper my brain just automatically went to CHERRY TREES! and VIEW! (yes, we could see a sailboat from the kitchen window...)

It's good to be reminded this stuff is not in my wheelhouse. But I confess I don't feel like painting with these limited resources is pushing me to express much. On the other hand, maybe having to do this daily will cure me of the need to explore the spillage thing, and I'll get back into covering canvases with paint out to the edges instead of white backgrounds.

I suspect my next job is to figure out how to do that with watercolor, on paper, but I am not anticipating success. So much of what I love about painting is working with the paint itself, and specifically acrylics, the way they drip and splatter and smear and mix and are so amazingly forgiving. But this is good. It's NOT a waste of time. It's NOT a waste of time. It's NOT a waste of time...


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