When intention gets in the way

I honestly have no idea what to say about this one -- except to say it might be influenced by the grasses at the edge of my new yard?

The marks I'm making are kind of at arm's length, and hurried, so whatever emerges emerges. I'd love to be more intentional about them, but experience has taught me that whenever I get intentional things start to look awkward, clumsy, amateurish, uneven... rather like the dark teal C-shaped brush mark in the center as opposed to the black swirls around it.

I asked my husband if there might be a better word for that phenomenon, and he talked about the dangers of overthinking, and the importance of "broad-brush" overviews... So maybe this is a microcosmic instance of some larger life lessons? But what about setting our intentions -- usually held to be a good thing?

Perhaps setting your intention is a way of establishing goals and boundaries so that you can then sort of "fly by the seat of your pants" while in the process? Rather like repeating this exercise as a way of exploring what mark-making feels comfortable for me...

Somewhere this morning -- on Facebook, I think -- someone asked what would be your native american name/phrase; something that's a key indicator of who you are, like "hunts-with-arrows," or "lies-with-tweets," and I thought mine might be "cries-while-painting"... or maybe just "whines-about-painting!"


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