A little black humor

Luckily I have discovered a new technique in the middle of all this; a way to use less paint (and return all those tubes of paint my friend loaned me.)

It turns out -- if I spray the paper first, then brush on a little color gleaned from those hard little rectangles of paint, I can smear it around just as I did the poured paint, with very similar results and much less waste of both paint and water.

So it's all good: as they say, necessity is the mother of invention (and am I showing my age by saying that makes me think of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention?)

Yes, of course I am -- and maybe I should title this one after their landmark lyrics: Don't go where the huskies go; don't you eat that yellow snow! Wouldn't that make this truly "a special work of art?"

Sorry. Just had coffee with a friend who's pretty depressed about current economy; apparently I'm compensating with a little black humor... Have a better day, my friend!


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